August Newsletter 2018


August has been a blessed month to us at Miryante Village. We received more visitors, some were Laura’s’ sisters, cousins and friends from the United States, India, Japan and Australia.  We are really grateful as a community for the wonderful love that people do share with us.

We received so many gifts from the donors last month for the children and these included shoes, clothes, art supplies, balls and sandals.

On 17th /08/2018 our children broke off for holidays. At least most of them got good grades and were promising as they study hard to sit for final exams to be promoted to another level.

Our holiday program is going on well. The children have managed to form different clubs like a debating club which is working out well, games and sports, compound clearing, grazing, digging and Bible study class. This is all done according to the time table. Below are some of the pictures for our children while breaking off from school:

Below are pictures of our children at the orphanage and some under the guardianship playing and sharing love with sponsors.

We are also grateful for the wonderful donationof biscuts, juice and clothes from Mr. Patel’s family.

We cannot stop to say thank you to father David from the United States who visited our orphanage last year and donated a bio-gas plant to the orphanage. The project is doing very well. The system can handle boiling porridge, boiling beans and also boiling water for maize meal but we mingle from the stone. This has helped us a lot. We no longer send our children to go look for fire wood especially during a rainy season like this one.

Our gardens have expanded. During the first term holiday, our children planted sweet potatoes by the help of the our agriculture asistant, social workers and the caregivers. This was to help us improve their diet. Its during this holiday that we started harvesting as shown below.

Last term was very tight with so many activities and these included inter house compititions and the winning house was given a goat. The school later closed on 17th /08/2018

The management team remained behind after the students had left and the other teaching staff to plan for the coming term that also has so many activites  like sitting exams such as for DIT and UBTEB for the first time here at the technical school. Below is the technical school management being helped by Fr. George William to plan for the coming term and they later posed the picture with Mr. Graham Townsend who had visited Miryante Village from New Zealand.

We are forever grateful to everyone who is supporting us in any way. We are praying for you- thank you so much for all the help and love you have given us!