April Newsletter 2018

April Newsletter 2018

Hello Everyone!

April was such a wonderful month with our Easter celebration. The celebration was so wonderful we felt changed after. The celebrations came along with a lot of stuff such as mass. After mass we had different meals such as matooke, rice, meat, pork, fish, G.nuts and soda. The whole celebration ended with a dance. A huge thank you to the Baker Family for sponsoring our Easter meal!

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The gardens are doing well especially during this rainy season. Our volunteers are doing a great job. Alex, our Peace Corps Volunteer, planted sun flowers that she will be harvesting soon. Laura also introduced a new tree called a moringa tree that can be used to help improve the children’s nutrition. The banana plantation is doing well. The guavas have also grown, as well as plenty of papayas and pumpkins as shown below in the pictures.

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Our children in King Solomon broke off for holidays. Their performance was good and we are sure they will be of help during this holiday. Thanks to everyone for helping us meet their school requirements and fees.

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Thanks very much to everyone that is helping us meet Miryante’s children’s basic needs. We would be completely nothing and nowhere without you. God Bless.