March Newsletter 2018

March Newsletter 2018

Hello Everyone.

Greetings from Miryante Orphanage and Miryante Vocational School. The children are all in good health and all in school. We are glad to inform you that the kids are all very happy due to different programmes such as debate club, Sports clubs, Miryante choir, and watching movies over the weekend. The joy at Miryante can easily be told by the little nursery kids during break time as shown below.

mar-1 mar-2

We were also humbled to host one of Laura’s friends called Ruth and her family who celebrated their son’s birthday with our kids. The kids and staff at the orphanage were so grateful to host Ruth’s family and to share their birthday joy with our kids. They were also thankful to Ruth’s family for choosing Miryante as a place where they could celebrate. This really shows that Miryante is the best place to be. Ruth’s family donated clothes, sweets and cakes to the children as shown below.

mar-3 mar-4 mar-5 mar-6


The guardianship program is going on well as shown with big smiles below in the pictures. Madam Lydia managed to visit five families with nine of the children that we are helping under the program and the kids were very happy. It’s really very hard to get Isaac to smile but you can tell from the picture that Isaac couldn’t believe when he got a donation of a mattress, blanket, bed sheets, clothes and food. Isaac was so excited for receiving all of these things and this was such a big achievement for the family as we were told by the relatives. This was kind of a dream to Isaac since it was the first time he has owned a mattress. He was so excited that he wouldn’t even allow anyone else to touch his mattress.

mar-7 mar-8

Water is no longer a problem to us at Miryante especially during this rainy season when all the fifteen water tanks are full. The borehole is now more available and we are sure this will not be a problem anymore. We are really grateful for this donation and we would like to say thank you once again to our donors.




Thanks to everyone for loving Miryante!