November 2017

November Newsletter 2017

Greetings from Miryante Home and School!

The children and staff from both school and home send you greetings. We are humbled to have your assistance and we greatly appreciate your love and kindness that you share with us every day. This has really been a progressive year for the Organization with a lot of good things taking place here. We are happy to have a home that can provide basic needs to our children and also a home that everyone looks at in the community.

A report about our children

All the children are in good health and all going to school.  We have nine candidates that sat for primary seven exit exams. These exams determine if they will be able to continue on to Secondary School. The little children that cannot walk a long distance study in the dining hall at the orphanage in our nursery school. The children are all happy and they all feel blessed for you changing their lives. They now see a bright future ahead of them. This comes with a big smile we share with you.


The children managed to plant three acres of beans with the help of the caretakers. The harvest was good despite too much rain. We are also now milking 9 cows and this has helped to improve the health of our children especially the little ones.

nov-1 nov-2 nov-3

We have managed to receive a number of donations this month as shown below; A donation from the NGO Feed my Starving Children gave us 80 boxes of manna packed food. This food is nutritionally fortified and we feed it to the children who come to us malnourished. Each box contains 36 packs and this will take us for 6 months. Feed my Starving Children has promised to add us some more packs after six months.


We have also received a donation to buy text books from Vision Complex Limited Co. This donation helped to photo copy over 80 text books to help us at the technical school.




Dr. Steve, Laura’s uncle, also visited with the wife Janet and his sister Marty and her husband Boggie, and their son Iggie. They donated a couple of things including: Clothes for the kids, art supplies, phones for office use, DVD player for the kids to watch movies as shown below.

nov-6 nov-7 nov-8 nov-9

Thank you to everyone for their outpouring of support this month!