December 2017

December Newsletter 2017

December was such busy month with a lot of amazing things. All our kids broke off for holidays by early December and they were all promoted to other classes. When the children broke off our nurse and Alex our Peace Corps Volunteer came up with a mosquito net program to educate all the children about the dangers of sleeping without a mosquito net and also taught them how to hang and use mosquito nets as seen below.

dec-1 dec-2 dec-3 dec-4


This year, thanks to an outpouring of love and support, our children celebrated Christmas just like any other child. Our kids really feel loved when she or he gets something new on such a special day and this time round it was mega. A big thanks to individual sponsors who sent Christmas money for their kids to go shopping! These kids had such a wonderful Christmas.

Inno-Pak Ltd made a bonus donation to transport every single one of our kids to the  Mubende Market where they were able to make his or her choice of what to wear on Christmas day and New Year’s Day. The lucky ones who picked two items and still had balance had a chance of getting three items and also a pair of church shoes, sandals, belts for boys and towels for all. This took us four days of shopping with the help of some administrators and caregivers. It was a blast for the kids visiting some of the happening places in Kyegegwa for a snack on our way back after the shopping.  Unfortunately one of our boy got lost but he was found in the morning and also a few especially the little ones in the first trip lost their clothes as they were trying to fit shoes. Image one picking shoes and leaving clothes behind, so we had to do another shopping for extra three that had lost them. This was unbelievable for them to an extent that some thought they would miss out on the shoes. We have never had such an exciting day of shopping for the kids.

The shopping centre was 64kms from Miryante and this was such a nice experience to all our children driving them out of Kyegegwa district to another district to do shopping. It wasn’t easy for all the kids to make choice just like any person especially them being children and also being their first time to move out as shown below.

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After our long waiting, the  church was blessed on Christmas day by the director Rev. Fr. Erineo Mushuhukye and that is where we celebrated mass. At least now the church is separated from the dining hall and their is respect for the chapel by the children. Both the children and the community were happy for such an achievement  and 14 of our children got baptised on Christmas day in our new church.

The preparations started with choir rehearsals by the children at the orphanage and they were so excited for such a long awaited day to celebrate mass in new clothes, shoes and new church as shown below.

dec-14 dec-15 dec-16 dec-17 dec-18 dec-19 dec-20 dec-21 dec-22 dec-23 dec-24 dec-25 dec-26

After church the children had a very wonderful meal. Thanks to the Baker Family, each had bottle of soda, Irish potatoes, matooke, rice, beef, pork, G.nuts and fish. The celebrations went on well.

dec-27 dec-28 dec-29 dec-30 dec-31

The year ended with a trip to the source of the Nile. This was just like a major night to both the kids and the caregivers because none of them thought they would get this change at any single moment in life. We had so many donations for this that we were able to take all 145 of the kids and caretakers, instead of one bus of the older children as we had originally planned. All the kids and the caregivers had a boat ride. It was a round trip but full of excitement. We paid for a guide to let the kids ask questions and get the real history of the place.

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Thanks to everyone that has donated anything in kind to Miryante. Our children have never slept hungry, never lacked clothes or school fees. This is all because of you people. Thanks very much for having us at heart and giving us the best Christmas in memory.

Happy New year to you all God Bless!