March 2015

Hello Everyone! We wanted to give some quick updates for the month of March.

Catechism books donated by the Bishop

Mar 15 1


All the dormitories were renovated including having the walls repainted and the doors repaired.

March 15 3

Bishop Flaget School's 5th grade class and kindergarten worked hard to earn money to donate to Miryante to purchase a milk cow.

Mar 15 4

Our caregivers and nurse were issued Miryante uniforms. The nurse is dressed in purple.

Mar 15 5

Our new caregiver Kellen Tumuhimbise. She is a grade 2 teacher and she is helping the little children with the English lessons after school.

March 15 6

Nurse and other caretakers giving out clothes, towels, bed sheets, shoes and blankets that were donated by Jon Sill. Below are the children.

Mar 15 11 Mar 15 10 Mar 15 12 Mar 15 9 Mar 15 8

Mar 15 7

Due to the local secondary school being closed because of administration problems, children with high scores were able to join the King Solomon Boarding School located 15 kilometers away.

Mar 15 13 Mar 15 14 Mar 15 15

Here is the school.

Mar 15 16

Thanks very much for all of your support for the project! God bless!