June 2014

Miryante nibabaramukya (Greetings from Miryante)


Hello to all our friends and supporters from sunny Miryante.

The children are doing well, there are 110 children, and they have returned to school for the next term - from June to September.

Violeta and Doreen

In June we have a new volunteer with us - Violeta from England has joined us for 2 ½ weeks. Violeta learned about Miryante from her friend Michael who volunteered here last year. She got in touch with Doreen and Laura in March and has been promoting our charity via the facebook page 'Miryante friends' and by sending regular emails.

In the coming months we will have more volunteers - Petra will join us in July, and Laura is planning to come in August, so it will be an excellent summer for the kids!

Violeta welcome dance

The children gave a very warm welcome to the new volunteer by performing the traditional Rutoro dance and songs. They were dancing all evening, and all age groups performed really well. There is a real talent and lot of potential at Miryante - all children are excellent at singing, dancing the traditional dances and playing the drums. So, we decided to form the club 'Miryante dancers' and to encourage the children to practice regularly so they can take part in dance competitions and events during public holiday celebrations and hopefully become the future Uganda dance and music stars!

Our volunteer Violeta is very impressed with Uganda - having spent a couple of days in Kampala before arriving here, she loves the city and the beautiful countryside with the amazing national parks, the hospitable locals and above all the amazing Miryante children. Violeta said: the children are fantastic - they are hardworking, happy children, very well behaved and they all contribute in all activities of the daily life at Miryante. They learn about gardening and farming from an early age - early on her first Monday here, they were picking beans in the vegetable garden and brining large loads to dry, and even the small children were carrying the heavy loads.

children preparing beans

Children preparing beans for supper

There are various after school activities, such as the 'cultural exchange evening' - Violeta brought biscuits from England so the children could have a taste of the traditional 'five o'clock tea'!

On another evening we organized board games' competition, and there are regular football matches - in keeping up with the world cup spirit!

Violeta and Child


Thanks to our new friends and donors from England we will be organizing cinema nights (Violeta brought a projector, laptop and films), but currently the power is unreliable as there are only few solar panels. So, if you are considering making a donation, please give generously towards our solar panels fund!


We would like to thank all our friends, supporters and sponsors and to wish you a very happy summer and relaxing holidays.


THANK YOU from Miryante children and staff!