April 2014


 Happy Easter season! Greetings from Miryante! We hope you’re all fine. Here are a few updates from Miryante.

Vocational school

We are glad to inform you that our vocational school is growing very fast. The turn up at the vocational school is good. We have 75 students and we are expecting more children from the community to join. We do courses in hair dressing, Computer studies, carpentry, brick lying and concert practice.

Computer Class at the Vocational School
Students in Computer Class

Students in hair Dressing Class
Students in Hair Dressing Class

Uganda’s National Social Security fund has expanded to now include Non-Governmental Organizations. Miryante held a training for their employees at the home and school.

NSSA Conference

This Easter season, we had fun and it was real blast for the children at the home and school. It has been the first of its kind at Miryante. We hired a music system for the children to have fun to celebrate the resurrection of our survivor Jesus Christ. The children had a lot of fun. At least each child got two pairs of cloths and danced with the staff. We had goats roasting at the home.

 Children update

The children are in good health. Their performance in school was fair compared to last year’s performance. A few girls at the home finished their courses and these include Christian Obedi, Amina Atuhaire and Rose. The three girls are still working at our salon but are trying to get them jobs in the community so that they can live on their own. It’s so exciting having our first students graduate from the home since the school started last year. The official graduation will be in December this year 2014. Below are some of the pictures.

Children Enjoying the Dancing

Children Enjoying Dancing at the Easter Celebration

Children enjoying Easter

The older students graduating

Children finishing studies

Children finishing their studies

Easter dance

Enjoying the Easter Dance

Thanks very much for the continuous support and happy Easter season from the home, school and staff!

Miryante Management