February Newsletter 2020

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Children’s Home and school. We really love you all and we do appreciate all the love and support. All the children are very well and prepared for the new term. They are eager to join classes for the new school year. Below are the updates of pictures of our children getting ready for the new term.

Schools opened on 27th of January 2020. All of our children are in back in their respective schools including the children who just joined the first year of secondary school.

We congratulate Ninsiima Christine upon becoming the president of Miryante Girls Club and Nyangoma Jacinta for becoming the choir leader of Miryante. They both joined St. Peter’s Technical School last year to acquire a national certificate in fashion and design. They have been really exemplary students and inspired other children to work hard at their technical education.

We have also included remedial classes in our everyday activities for the little children in grades 1-3 that come back from school by 1:00 pm. We noticed that some are very slow in class and they needed extra classes to catch up. This is now compulsory for them.

The photos below show children playing after remedial lessons. 

On 28th February 2020, we received a team from Crutches for Africa. This is an organization based in the USA. The team donated a number of mobility devises to people with disabilities in Kyegegwa District. These mobility devices were distributed to the community at Miryante.

The team came along with Returned Peace Corp Volunteer named Sue. She once served in Namibia, Zambia and Kenya. When we gave her our background and experience with Peace Corps, she requested to spend one night at Miryante and meet the children. This was fun for her to be entertained by the children. The following morning before she left, she taught the nursery class and the interested pupils.

Animals and Gardens

 Under the agriculture department, we managed to plant various vegetables this season and some are ready to be harvested like kale, pumpkin, eggplants, avocado etc. Our children are having plenty of vegetables, which is nutritious for their bodies. The agriculture department has really played a very big role in managing all these gardens and all the animals.

Harvests of avocado and pumpkins

0n 29th February, we were finally connected to the grid and received electricity for our home and school. This is the greatest achievement so far this year by the government of Uganda. We had waited for this power for over 6 years and we had even lost hope of getting it at one point. The whole site is now full of life.

Every two weeks we visit the children under the guardianship program to see if they are attending school and also to check on their well-being at both school and home. We have new children that have joined the program to make a total of 28 children. We thought it could be wise if we visited all the children twice a month. Below are some of the pictures of our children in their schools some with their new friends like Kato and Insingoma.

Technical School

The enrollment this year is promising. We have 104 students in the school including those doing crafts this year. In addition, the performance from last year was good. In the Uganda Business Technical Examination, we had one distinction and nine credits. In Directorate of industrial training, we had 22 students that sat for the exams and we are still waiting for the results.

Thanks very much to everyone that endeavors to see us grow daily.

Miryante Management