September 2014

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Orphans’ Home
and Miryante Vocational School

We are grateful for the continuous support given to the project by our donors. The children are all in good health and we are grateful for that. Third term started at the beginning of August and we are very glad to report to you that all our children are in school except Joseph Guma who stays at the home with the caregivers.

The Vocational School


We are happy to report to you that the school is doing well. Our children are gaining skills in their courses which we believe is going to make their future bright.

Carpentry class

In the last week of September, Mutebi Samuel, one of our children who attends thecarpentry class at the technical school, surprised us when he repaired our roof. We believe the skills these children are acquiring will give them opportunities for employment in the future.

Bricklaying class
Bricklaying during their beginning of term exams
Hairdressing class
Haidressing during practice session.
Knitting class
The children knit jumpers that are on sale in the marketplace.

Carpentry Vocational School

Farming and Donations

Saplings Food

During mid-September we received five hundred coffee seedlings from the sub-county.
We are grateful for the seedlings that we will plant at the end of this month.

During the last Sunday of September, during the fundraising at Migongwe Catholic Church, the Bishop bought sweet potatoes, avocados and cassava for the children at Miryante home. We really feel blessed for the care people have towards the children.
Thank you very much our Bishop Akiiki.

Bishop Robert Trees

Following the advice from Laura and Dr.Craig in August, regarding planting fruits for the children, we bought thirty orange seedling from Kampala and five mango seedlings that were donated by Laura and Dr. Craig to the project. This is now our home’s new look and we are expecting to harvest the fruit in one year’s time.  We planted them around the compound, guest house and the school. The sticks around the seedlings are to protect them from being eaten by the goats.


We would like to thank you for your continuous support, God bless you.
The Management