October 2013


Hello everyone!

I hope all is well. The home and the school send greetings. We have got a volunteer called Max Herbert from London, England. The school is doing well. These are some of the materials that the children have been able to make recently, under the supervision of the tutors. Tailoring class/Crafts class:


This is our multi-purpose store that has been under construction. It is now in its last stages of completion and soon to be ready for use.

Storehouse for the Vocational School
Storehouse for the Vocational School


Land survey: Finally, Miryante land has been surveyed. We have eighty-nine acres of land. We are trying to make plans to broaden our sustainable projects, such that the land can be utilized effectively.

Map of Miryante Land
Map of Miryante Land


To congratulate the most exemplary students we took them out to dinner in Kyegegwa town. This is a regular incentive to encourage the other children to live an exemplary life.

We would like to thank the donors for their continuing support of the home.

Thank you!