December 2014


Happy New Year to you all. Greetings from Miryante Orphans and Miryante Vocational School! Hope you’re all fine. Lots of updates here in Miryante! Early last month we celebrated our first graduation ceremony at Miryante Vocational School.

Children update

The children are in good health. The children had fun during the Christmas festival with new clothes, toys and shoes. Which every child yens for on such days. Thanks very much Bishop Flaget School especially Mrs. Kessler and Ms. Carrier who worked tiresomely with the pupils to help us raise money for a heifer, Avocado tresses, toys and clothes for the children in Miryante during the Christmas season.

Below are the pictures!

Newsletter 1

Children on shades

Newsletter 2

Children playing with the toys

Newsletter 3

Children holding their dolls

Newsletter 4

Children Blowing Balloons

Newsletter 5

A big smile with new watches

Newsletter 6

The boys playing games

Newsletter 7

One of the board member who joined us during the celebrations with her family.

Newsletter 8

The above is also the shirts that were bought as part of the donations from Bishop Flaget School.

Newsletter 9

The avocado tresses that were also donated by Bishop Flaget School.

Newsletter 10


Lastly was a dance that left others on the ground that was our Christmas.

Thank you for all of your support and may God bless you and your families Doreen Tigah and all the staff and children at Miryante!!!!