August 2016


Earlier this month, Miryante hosted some very special visitors. A mission group came from St. Peter’s Catholic Parish all the way from Ohio in the United States. The mission group stayed for one week playing games and attending daily mass with the children. They also set up 5 new hand-washing stations with materials donated from the United Nations Women’s Guild. Service work they performed included thorough medical examinations, making rosaries with the kids, and donating adjustable shoes, clothes, balls, and art supplies to the home. The mission group also enjoyed singing church hymns with the children and purchased a pig from Miryante’s own farm for the children to eat. The group also shared their music system to have a fun dance party with the kids. It was such an amazing week for the Miryante community. Below are pictures of activities from the week.

Aug 2016 1 August 2016 2

Fixing shoes for the children

August 2016 3 August 2016 4

The kids slaughtering their pig

August 2016 5

Dancing time! The kids and staff dancing with the mission group

August 2016 6 August 2016 7 August 2016 8

Teaching children how to make rosaries and to pray

August 2016 9 August 2016 10 August 2016 11 August 2016 12

Constructing hand washing stations

August 2016 13 August 2016 14 August 2016 15

Teaching children how to use hand washing stations

August 2016 16 August 2016 17

Playing games with the kids

August 2016 18 August 2016 19


August 2016 20

Board members saying a word of thank to the Mission group.

August 2016 21 August 2016 22

Health check ups

August 2016 23 August 2016 24

Miryante Orphans Home is proud to present its third Peace Corps Volunteer, Ms. Alex Rausch. Alex is a Community Agribusiness volunteer from Minnesota in the United States. She has been in training for the past three months and just arrived to begin her service on August 12th. During these first couple of weeks, Alex has been busy meeting district officials and assessing the needs of the Miryante community. Alex loves spending time outdoors and with the children and she is very excited to spend the next two years in partnership with Miryante.

August 2016 25

We would like to extend a special thanks to our treasurer, Mrs. Leontina Kaliisa Monday for providing special attention to the children of Miryante. She often houses children at her home for the holidays and provides generous gifts such as avocadoes and papayas.

In closing, we would like to thank United Nations Women’s Guild, the St. Peter’s mission group, and everyone else who has provided support for Miryante.

Thank you so much!