August 2011 Newsletter


August has been a very busy month with a lot of rain, harvesting, planting, children breaking off from school, and construction going on. We harvested our beans and maize. This time our yields were much better than before. We expect ten to fifteen sacks of maize. We have so far planted four acres of beans which were done by children, three acres of maize which we just hired people to plant. Our target is covering at least fourteen acres of both maize and beans. We are planning to plant variety of foods such as maize, beans, Irish potatoes, sweat potatoes, yams, and bananas and expanding our vegetable garden at the same time. This holiday the children have really participated in garden work than before.

We stocked beans and maize that will take us for four months that will be until November when the new season begins.


We are very happy for Laura Corcoran’s family visit and other friends who helped with volunteering. A special thanks to Mr. Corcoran’s and the Wife, Hannah Corcoran, Fallon Ruff and Amanda Zurface from the US who donated their time and energy to come spend time with the kids. Teaching them how to write, read, constructing a goat’s house fencing it and decorating our Library.

ON 17/8/2011

Our goat project is finally up and running. A special thank you to St. Peter’s Church in Chillicothe, Ohio that funded the project almost a year ago. The project took an unexpected amount of time to construct and start, but thanks to work from American volunteers, we now have five goats, a house, and completed fence.


Our tractor was hired in Kasese. In January there is a gentle man who hired it for eighty acres in Mubuku Irrigation scheme. Later another gentle man called Mr. mwabale William hired it for twenty six days and he paid us three million one hundred twenty thousand Ugandan shillings. Therefore in total since January our tractor has been able to get us around Ten million Four hundred Ninety thousand Ugandan shillings in the eight months it has been there. The contractor also promised to pay the driver and the tractor manager’s rent. This is the only source of income we are now looking up to. Kasese being flat we are looking at so many opportunities than in Kyegegwa which is hilly and not open.

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