April Newsletter 2020

                                         APRIL NEWSLETTER 2020

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Miryante Orphanage. We really love you all and we appreciate all the support that you are rendering to us despite COVID-19. All the children are safe, healthy, and they are praying for everyone all over the world. On the 12th of April 2020, we celebrated Easter day which was really fun, although we weren’t able to celebrate mass as usual. The Easter celebrations came along with a lot of food such as plantains, rice, meat, pork, fish, peanut sauce and soda. After lunch the children watched movies such as The Passion of the Christ.

During this long break from school, Uditah Komuhangi, one of the students that graduated from Miryante Vocational School, used this time to teach the other children how to make African baskets and also how to make different designs of girls’ dresses. Below are the photos:

The gardens are doing very well this season. The temperatures are a bit high, but with the help of our children, we are able to mulch all the vegetable gardens and use the drip irrigation system. Our harvests are very good. We are also looking at extending our vegetable gardens to five acers since they are nutritious and provide great food for the kids. Below are some pictures of our gardens and the harvests.

We have also managed to donate vegetables weekly to families who are in need of food due to the COVID-19 lockdown in the community.

The tailoring class with the help of their instructors are making face masks for all the children to use before school opens.

On the farm, our cows are doing well. We have routine medical checkups for all of the animals which is done every two weeks, and the animals are sprayed for flies and ticks every Saturday:

Thanks very much to everyone who is endeavoring to help us to meet our basic needs. We would be completely nothing and nowhere without you, especially during COVID-19 season. May God Bless All.