Petra Bujtas


I stayed at Miryante for one month in 2015 and it has been a wonderful experience!
I spent my time working with Doreen (Project Coordinator) and Lydia (another volunteer) and I was truly impressed by their effort to make Miryante a caring home for every child. In the first weeks I used to joke about Doreen being an alien, because it took at least two weeks until I saw her eating or sleeping. Even during lunchtime, she never stops talking about new ideas that she has to improve life at Miryante. She is amazing, and I have never seen a lady working that hard! I have no idea where she got the energy from to arrange some fresh bread for me, so I can have a European breakfast and feel a little bit more like home.

Lydia is really nice, too. She helps a lot with the children and they come to talk to her very
often. Unfortunately, I was not able to help the children with their problems, since I don’t
know the local language. But Lydia came around with me and helped to translate everything really patiently. The teacher and all the caregiver are very friendly, and they really like to teach you some local things. The second they see you just wondering around (that is a really rare thing to happen) they offer to take you hiking or show you the gardens or pick mangoes for you at the top on the closest mountain.


At first it is hard to live without power and running water, but it’s easy to get used to it if you have a positive mindset. Just make sure you have everything you need when you come such as tablets to get some clean water and the best torch you can get. I also recommend a good headlamp – it’s going to be your best friend!


The kids are smiling all the time, and even if they don’t understand you or you don’t
understand them you can play games or just have fun walking around in the forest. They are very thankful for everything although at first they are a bit shy.


Just wait a few days and I am sure they are going to invite you for a traditional dance night in the dining hall!