Patrick Corcoran

My name is Patrick Corcoran.  I had the opportunity to volunteer at Miryante Orphanage in 2011 while visiting my daughter, Laura.  As is often the case with volunteer work, I received much more than I gave.

From the moment we trekked up the red dirt lane and were greeted by a stampede of children with hugs and eager hands to carry our luggage, we were made to feel welcome.


Miryante is an oasis of love and opportunity for orphan children who would otherwise be lost in the shuffle and they radiate that love in the smiles they generously share.

Situated in the verdant hills of Western Uganda, Miryante is in tune with the rhythm of the agrarian life that defines the people of this region.  The children take part in the daily chores of tending cattle, goats, hogs, chickens and rabbits as well as helping “dig”. We would probably refer to it as gardening, but it is the daily routine of tending to the food crops on the plot of land that nearly every family has from which to draw a majority of their sustenance.


During the time that I was at Miryante I worked with some of the staff to build fence through the bush to serve as a pasture for the budding cattle and goat enterprise.  Suffice it to say that it was a rewarding but humbling experience as I struggled to keep pace with the dedicated men who seemed able to effortlessly lug 60# palm tree posts up the steep inclines and excavate post holes in the Ugandan soil with the simplest of hand tools. Although they smiled in amusement at the extent of my exertion, a bond of appreciation was established in the accomplishment of our work.


The Miryante Orphanage that we experienced first hand is making a genuine difference in the lives of these children.  We were impressed. So much so, that we are happy to take part in their monthly sponsorship opportunity and encourage you to do the same.


Our two week adventure to Uganda also gave us the opportunity to see big game in Murchinson Falls National Park and to view the source of the mighty Nile at Jinja.

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All in all it was a wonderful, rewarding way to experience Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”.


Pat Corcoran