Amanda Zurface


Uganda is known as the “Pearl of Africa.” There’s lots of reasons for this. Why do I think this is the case though? While, the geography is beautiful, it’s fruit is delicious and the Nile runs through the country, I personally believe it has everything to do with her children! The Ugandan children’s smiles, their spirits, their giggles, their desire to be loved and cared for…There’s so much about these children that offer glimpses of their dignity as children of God. All one needs to do is spend a few minutes at Miryante Orphanage to discover this.

I spent a month at Miryante Orphanage in 2012. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to love and care for the children, while at the same time be loved and cared for in return by each child. I had the opportunity to read with the children, play games, paint a mural for the kids and lead a week long girls’ empowerment camp, and simply just be available to the kids. You see, many of these children don’t know what it’s like to be loved. They truly just need someone to show that they care for them whether that be through a hug, smile, hand hold, or walk.

Miryante is very special in that the founder and staff are seeking to take care of the children’s current needs (spiritual and material), but at the same time are also preparing the children for the future through unique educational and formative opportunities for the region and for children who have been impacted by such poverty and trauma.

I encourage you to pray about visiting Miryante Orphanage yourself, sponsoring a child and/or a project.


Amanda Zurface