Miryante Children: Donation

Renovations Fund

renovations This fund is to assist us in making repairs and renovations to our facilities. As an example, our veranda (pictured) is crumbling badly.

Goat Fund

Each goat costs $30 and we are hoping to purchase 30 goats for this project.

Management Fund


Help support our management team who are in charge of communication with sponsors and updating the website. Cost of maintaining our communications manager: ~$150.00/month. Cost of maintaining our general manager: $50.00/month. Cost of keeping us connected to the internet: $15.00/month. Cost of office supplies, airtime, and transport: ~$35.00/month.

Farm Supply Fund

FarmingFarming the land includes the cost for clearing land, planting, weeding, and harvesting crops for the calendar year 2011. The approximate cost per acre is 200,000 UGX (~$90.00 USD). Miryante currently has 10 acres of maize and beans which laborers are paid to plant, weed, and harvest.

Children’s School Fund

MiryanteAll the children at Miryante Orphans Home attend public schools. Although Uganda has Universal Primary and Secondary education, there are still PTA fees, school supplies, lunch fees, and uniforms expenses that need to be met. Each child needs about approximately $3.00 to meet their education fees per month.