Miryante Children: Donation

Renovations Fund

renovations This fund is to assist us in making repairs and renovations to our facilities. As an example, our veranda (pictured) is crumbling badly.

Management Fund


Help support our management team who are in charge of communication with sponsors, updating the website, and managing the project. Monthly costs include airtime & internet: $70/month and transportation for our team of social workers to move in the field to visit all the foster families: $350/month.

Donations can also be made via this category to send money for specific kids to receive (birthdays or holidays) or for medical donations for children who have special needs. Please send us an email at miryanteorphanshome@gmail.com to let us know the specific purpose for any donation.

Farm Supply Fund

FarmingFarming the land includes the cost for clearing land, planting, weeding, and harvesting crops for the calendar year 2011. The approximate cost per acre is 200,000 UGX (~$90.00 USD). Miryante currently has 10 acres of maize and beans which laborers are paid to plant, weed, and harvest.

Children’s School Fund

MiryanteAll the children at Miryante Orphans Home attend public schools. Although Uganda has Universal Primary and Secondary education, there are still PTA fees, school supplies, lunch fees, and uniforms expenses that need to be met. Each child needs about approximately $3.00 to meet their education fees per month.

Animal Purchase Fund


Animals purchased for Miryante Community Centre go towards producing milk, protein in the diet of the kids, and income for the project or orphans living with foster families. The price of animals are as follows:

Cow: $250 (this is a 1 year old heifer that will be given to an orphan living with a foster family)

Pig: $15 (A piglet that can be raised by an orphan living with a foster family)

Goat: $30 (To be given to a child when they turn 18 or graduate from the program and transition to the community)

Rabbit: $15 (To be given to an orphan living with a foster family to raise)