Miryante Children: Age 8

Angella Ainembabazi


Age: 8

Angella came to Miryante in 2017. Her father died and her mother was too sick to care for her. Her brother Phillipo also lives at Miryante. She enjoys studying and wants to be a Reverend Sister when she grows up.

Luke Byaruhanga


Gender: Boys

Age: 8

Luke came to Miryante in 2015. Both of his parents died of AIDS. He was born in the nearby village of Kikyendo. He loves playing and spending time with his brother, Tumwine. He is nicknamed 'Head Master' by the other children and staff at Miryante because whatever he says, he says it with authority. His favorite foods to eat are maize, plantains, and chicken. He wants to be a driver when he grows up. He always says exactly what he thinks and is very active and likes discovering new things. He is not very good at sitting still at the nursery school and more often than not the teachers have to go looking for him and usually find him helping to graze goats or cattle. He is a special needs child.  He has a brother Tumwine and a sister Marya who also live at Miryante.

Ronard Mugisa


Age: 8

Ronard came to Miryante in 2017 with his sister Jackline. Bother of his parents passed away. He enjoys studying and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up.