Miryante Technical School

Because many of the children at the orphans home have not had the love and support of parents, they have fallen through the cracks in the Ugandan school system. Most children at the home do not have marks high enough to enable them to proceed on to secondary school. Because it is imperative for the children to have a skill set to help them survive in society when they exit, in February of 2013 Miryante opened a technical school to help the children gain the skills they need to be employed.


The children participate in life skills classes.
The children participate in life skills classes.

Miryante children take hair dressing classes at the technical school. These girls have opened a hair salon in the local village where they practice hair dressing, allowing them to practice their skills and earn some money which is then returned to the project.


Samuel, one of the children at Miryante, learns basic carpentry skills. These skills will assist him in securing a job once he exits the orphanage.



Electricity has just come to the surrounding community! Miryante has one of the first and only computer classes at a technical school in the district. Students learn basic computer skills. Community members travel to Miryante for assistance in typing up documents which helps the project earn money by charging for these services. As Uganda develops and computers become more commonly used, these children will have the skills to apply for jobs that involve the use of computers. 104_0275



The Technical School consists of three regular classrooms, an administration block, and two workshops for carpentry and masonry. In addition, three of the houses from the orphans home have been converted into dormitories to house teachers and students from the surrounding community who attend the school as boarding students.



While the technical school has done well in its first year, there still remains the need for funding. Since only a fraction of the students are from the community and are able to pay tuition, the cost of tuition for the Miryante orphans who attend the school is not covered. In addition, there is a need for tools and materials for the classes including sewing, carpentry, and masonry. These are reoccurring costs that are very difficult to meet. Please consider donating to the technical school so that the children can have the materials they need to learn a trade to assist them after they've exited the orphanage.